10 Fashion Instagram To Follow… NOW!!!

10 Fashion Instagram To Follow… NOW!!!

If You Aren't Already Following


Instagram, one of those apps that we can’t seem to stay away from. If you’re the type of Instagrammer(spl??) who looks for fashion inspiration all day, everyday, even when you have nowhere to go, then…

you have a problem

…well, we have a problem. I, however, have never been very good at solving problems, my forte has forever been in the realm of exploring and intensifying these said “problems”.

And now, in the hopes of explore your “problem”, here are 10 fashion Instagram accounts to follow, if you haven’t already.

10. MICAH GIANNELI @micahgianneli

Bringing her Asian persuasion and daily looks that have you wondering “where could she possibly be going”, everyday is a runway, and she’s the muse model.

9. KEEP CALM AND THING FASHION @keepcalmthinkfashion

Runway pics, red carpet pics, street style pics and all the latest in fashion happenings, you can catch them here.

8. FASHIZBLACK @fashizblack

Full representation of black culture overflows this Instagram page. High fashion, couture, editorials, runway and street style, all melanin certified.


Just a glimpse into the everyday life of a fashion student at the university level. this page brings to light the abundance of talent in Trinidad & Tobago, and the wider Caribbean.

6. DRAW A DOT @drawadot

The concept is that all illustrations start as a simple dot, but that dot has no limits when imagination and creativity is added. If you’re interested in both art and fashion, you’ll love this page. Artists from around the world, various interpretations of varying designers and collections, there’s always something cool to look at.

5. SAMUEL HARRISON @samuelharrisonart

The medium……simple pencils(mainly), but these pieces are anything but simple. If you go to this page, there’s a 87.3% chance you wont want to leave….yes, I did the maths!!!

4. PAUSE MAGAZINE @pause_online

The view on ‘male’ fashion needs to be challenged, and this page just might be able to help with that.

3. TOP THAT POSE @topthatpose

A near 6000 posts chronicling of the movement of the human body in relation to fashion…..AKA Posing: Master Class

2. THE SKINNYS @theskinnys

It’s not about sizeism, it’s just an appreciation of THE SKINNYS.

1. SEW SKETCHY @sew_sketchy

This New York fashionista has a sassy attitude, an endless closet of designer clothing, and a spending limit of…… “whatever”. She has the power to win almost every fashion face-off, and throw quotes of truth at random, she’s what everyone dreams of affording…most importantly,… she’s a sketch, but no worries, she’s still fab though.

Honorable Mention: Leighton Starr @leightonstarr Just Kidding…But Not Really