Today was a very important day of my teen life as I learned probably one of the most important things I will ever learn: Group projects are an abomination sent to students by the devil. Bold statement, you say? I disagree. Let me explain my reasoning.

My sociology teacher made the –beautiful– choice to assign my class group work and as usual, I was paired with the slackers. Shocker. However, I pulled my weight and did what I had to do. Presentation day arrives and one of the members of the group goes to my teacher and tells her that I didn’t help her do what she was supposed to do. Teacher tries to eat my head off and sur-pri-sing-ly, I don’t go into Hulk-mode and smash!

So I just had to share how I managed this miracle. Without further ado, here is ten ways to survive a group project (with your sanity in tact):

  1. Start conceptualising and planning as soon as the project is assigned. No procrastination! *Points finger accusingly*


2. Take a leadership role. Disregard any snide comments or eye rolls and take control because that way, you can ensure things get done.

3. Don’t scream. When things begin to get difficult (yes, when), keep your cool and try to calmly and efficiently come to a solution.

4. Ensure that you have every group member’s contact information. Especially if you have a typical slacker in your group.

5. Don’t agree to do work that you know you are unable to do. If it’s too much pass it on to the next willing person.

6. Take a group selfie. Reason being…Well, they look happy don’t they? Just think, that could be you. Group-of-smiling-people-taking-a-selfie-800x500

7. Keep your mind on your goal. This is your grade, work for it.

8. Don’t cry. It’ll just make your eyesight blurry and you won’t be able to read that important research that could make your project so much better.

9. Take time for yourself, take deep cleansing breaths and try to not overreact any situation.

10. If after following the nine previous ways, you’re group is still sewerage; try coconut oil, I hear it fixes anything.

Go forth into your groups with this new knowledge and conquer the dreaded group assignment!