Some 16 year old was snatched up by Real Madrid and man I’m friggin pissed. Look at this, Martin Odegaard will be competing for a spot up beside Christiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez and all these top stars.

The boy, clearly more of a man than everyone, is being paid a whopping $120,015 USD per week according to reports. He is the youngest and actually the newest Galactico as of today. I’m sad.

Apparently, the deal will let the father have a role of coaching for Real Madrid which is sweet. The father already had a memorable influence in Odegaard’s career.

See why this teenager is making millions:

In the first place people thought this was just a move that would happen during the summer but the player agreed to now move to Madrid where a fancy as hell villa is there for him to live in, at 16. Damn.

Photos: DailyMail