Carnival Monday, is when the people playing ‘Mas’ go out into the streets dressed pretty casual and have a grand time, not being too gaudy and showoff and its probably the most loose day in comparison to tuesday (fight me on this claim later).

That being said, the people who attend carnival Monday have pretty unique personalities to say the least, and you will meet a few of these people who do some things you question, laugh at, or agree with. Here are 8 types of people you will see on carnival Monday.

1. The Paranoid Band Security

carnival mondayThey stare you down, they look around for ‘stormers’, they peep around your shoulder to see if your armband is on, but most of all they hold that rope you struggle to get past when you’re not in the mood to be “tamed”. Thank God for these ‘security’ guards because if it wasn’t for them, who else would push dangerous revellers out?

Where to find: Anywhere inside or beside ah di band, holding a big yellow rope in a neon vest.


2. The Flamboyant Dancers

carnival monday

They’re not limited to men, teenage girls do this all the time…. BUT IN THIS CASE ITS GROWN MEN: They would wear capes that drag on the floor to symbolise where you will be if you test them, or they will wear plates of armour in the carnival streets to ward off gang members who see them as a threat. They’re mostly grown men who visit Trinidad on vacation, or they’re even maybe locals who don’t give a damn about who’s watching. Not only do these specific ‘Flamboyant Dancers’ carry out these acts they add character to carnival. They love to have fun, they might be friendly and will dance with you if you ‘push up on it’, don’t be intimidated by the flamboyant dancers they’re chill.

Where to find: On somebody’s residential wall close to the avenue


3. People who wear feathered boots.

carnival monday

Look, we watched as this poor woman had people trampling allover her feathered boots but she’s trooper. She absolutely isn’t and will never be the only case, feathered boot wearers are notorious and rampant, only God knows who is  supplying this endless amount of feathered boots to these people but its NOT. OK. Please don’t wear them because no one is impressed, no one sees your shoes, no one seeing your shoes is one reason why feathers are left behind when someone walks close enough to you but thats not my business, and just don’t wear them ever.

Where to find: Within 20 feet at all times.


4. Scarecrows

 trinidad carnival

Gone are the days when scarecrows were limited to your TV screens on some american farm, they’re now in carnival to ward off the vultures and skettels and amen for the scarecrows. This particular band had a scarecrow outskirts and they were pretty cool. Be nice to the scarecrows please, they might treat you to a handshake and good company but the security doesn’t like them too much.

Where to find: Chippin in yuh band.


5. People who get massages

people who get massages

Not every band offers massages, but the band we played in had some and I can tell you it was ahh-maazing.  ..? Anyway though that doesn’t matter, because people who get massages are annoying and extra, who needs to get a massage after walking for 12hrs in the hot sun and your feet hurt, after paying upwards of 700USD? (Hint: Me…) Massage-getters we’re with you all the way.

Where to find: At your band rest stop.


6. The Hair Dye & Henna People

types of people in carnivalWhat is that on her back? A henna? or those temporary tattoos we saw Beyonce rocking? She has some pretty extravagant hair for carnival compared to the people around her, but she’s not alone we saw many hair dye and hennas. Hair dye and hennas (yes, these are people), usually have bright coloured hair, they may come with a series of piercings and light makeup, maybe a mohawk and they usually have heavy tattoos. This case had a temporary tattoo but our word here is being proven amirite?

Where to find: Chilling in the middle of of the crowd behind #2 or something.


7. The People Who Party Until The End


Yes. Sir, we see you with the two hands in the air partying out carnival until you’re sure you’ve gotten the value for the VERY LAST DROP of your money. types of people in carnival


People who party until the end are the true spirit animals we wish we were because they don’t give a damn if the truck wants to lock at 6pm on Mucurapo street, they’ll walk down to Ariapita and party till 4am on their own last lap, some will even bang on that truck until 9pm to get a last taste of carnival (and some drink from the truck). These are bacchannalists, we love them, they damn well know how to have a good time.

 Where to find: Cock up on a truck back


8. The Random Pan Players

types of people in carnival


Can someone explain why these people pass through in the hours of the night to play their pans? Does anyone listen to them play their pans? Will they ever stop playing pan? Who sponsors them? Why are they here? Are they okay? Are they in a band? Please answer these questions because we’re worried about the random pan players at TeenLink.

types of people in carnival

Where to find: Pushing through traffic in St. James on the way to nowhere

Thats it for you guys, tell if you want a carnival Tuesday post.


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