TeenLinkTT is a magazine dedicated to the news and topics of entertainment for teenagers in trinidad.

The name TeenLink stems from the founder’s initiative to connect teens and give them a medium online in which younger adolescents could find a place to be entertained, educated, and learn about the world around them. Many social media sites promote each value individually, but it is near-impossible to find one where these all come methodically in one.

TeenLinkTT has an interactive zone where people of ages 13-21 may feel at home, crawling through the site and seeing articles which interest them. Not only do we love to focus on these CAPE and CSEC reviews for students, its just really fun for our writers to discuss parties, music, technology and many other topics you see in our menus.

The site is here for you and a lot of time was put into perfecting it so that our readers love it.

The app


Check out the app: https://appsto.re/us/DzTr5.i

The news on the app is aggregated from our site and its about 1MB large, we will be rolling out all all platforms soon!

We hope you have a great time here! Please don’t forget that we want you to engage in discussions in our comments!

If the news isn’t relevant we won’t post it. Now go home and keep reading 🙂

TeenlinkTT – News that’s relevant.