Adidas Vs Dwayne Bravo In Battle Over ‘racist’ Caricature

Adidas Vs Dwayne Bravo In Battle Over ‘racist’ Caricature


Adidas Cricket Twitter page has faced heavy criticism over a photo they posted of Dwayne Bravo.

A post celebrating Dwayne Bravo’s record achievement in T20 cricket was accompanied by a caricature of the cricketer, alleged to be marred with racist undertones.

13000351_10102996832795340_2870330214289766074_nSeveral users on Twitter retweeted the picture along with their comments of it actually being offensive, and many even found that the photo was not.

The page eventually removed the photo, with a dry apology stating ‘if’ anyone was hurt they’re sorry. But that doesn’t seem legit to me…


Bravo responded to the controversy minutes later saying, “Fans, thank you for bringing @adidascricket’spost to my attention. I will be responding soon.”