Alleged Rapist Gets The Crap Beaten Out Of Him By Victims Bf

Alleged Rapist Gets The Crap Beaten Out Of Him By Victims Bf


In South Carolina, you wouldn’t believe how bizarre up this story is. Not only is the boyfriend’s uncle apparently the alleged rapist, but he almost beat him to death.

According to police in Conway, South Carolina, William L. Mattson, 52, was arrested for allegedly raping his nephew’s girlfriend. The nephew managed to put some justice in his own punch, and beat the shit out of this man, who allegedly raped his girlfriend. Mrtyle Beach Online reports:

A police report shows that the nephew had brought his girlfriend to his father’s house after the two had attended a New Year’s party. The nephew left and he told police he returned to hear moaning from outside the door of the room he shares with his girlfriend.

He told police he kicked the door down and found his uncle, Mattson, who also lives in the house, on top of his girlfriend. He claims he drove his uncle from the home, striking him repeatedly.

The nephew called police who were present at the home when Mattson finally returned. Mattson told police he was hugging and kissing the girl who was naked but he remained fully clothed. Police interviewed the victim, who said she did not consent to anything.

Police arrested Mattson and have charged him with criminal sexual conduct in the first degree.

Image via Conway Police.


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