Amber Rose was put on blast by Khloe Kardashian today on twitter following some comments she made about Khloe’s little sister Kylie. So it’s no secret that 17 year old Kylie is in a relationship with now struggling  24 year old rapper Tyga (Lil Wayne aint even fighting for him in his lawsuit against Birdman) . Kylie is rumored to be the reason Tyga and his former girlfriend Blac Chyna broke up last year.

During an interview with the breakfast club Amber was asked about the couples relationship to which she replied:

“I ain’t speaking to them! He left a beautiful woman (Blac Chyna) and a child to be with a 16 year old who just turned 17!”

Khloe took to twitter in a series of tweets calling out Amber Rose:

 Muva Rosebud clapped back and read Khloe and her sister Kim for filth:


 Wait For It…


Screenshot (62)

Oh yes and don’t forget how hard of a drag that was! It was so hard Khloe was left stunned and couldn’t even think straight because her replies weren’t effective in any way…


We think It’s safe to say who rid who of their edges here…What Do You Guys Think?

Was Amber Rose Wrong For Snatching Both Khloe and Kim’s Edges in a single tweet?


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