Since the premiere at T&T Film Festival (TTFF), everyone’s been hyped about the new movie Bazodee in which our King of Soca, Mr. Machel Montano, is starring. From the official trailer that has just been released, we can see it’s a Caribbean infused Bollywood style movie. Set in our beautiful island Trinidad and Tobago, featuring our Carnival and some Soca and Chutney music.

However, can Machel even act? Considering that he is a performer at heart, I honestly believe he can pull it off. Despite being a main character, he gets less screen time than we may think. Machel plays Lee de Leon, a local musician looking for inspiration, basically him playing himself without his arrogance and over the top ego, isn’t that refreshing.

Anyway, Lee meets Anita Ponchouri (Natalie Perera) at Piarco International Airport while playing a soca song on his cuatro, and he instantly took interest in her. But wait! There’s drama! Anita is the daughter to businessman Ram Ponchouri (Kabir Bedi) who is secretly in some serious financial debt, causing Anita to be engaged to Bharat Kumar (Staz Nair). Like all romance movies, Lee and Anita fall hopelessly in love. Knowing that there is no way her father will ever let them be together, Anita now has to choose between her heart and her family or find a way to help her family and get the guy she wants. Very predictable. Let’s hope the plot twist is worth it. 13403766_1079752972071169_4930109421351254596_o

For a local film though, the cinematography was exceptional well done. The lighting, clarity and visual texture overall were spot on. Well I guess it has to be, since it will be in theatres in the US and UK also. Yes people, Trinidad and Tobago name getting known. Soon people will know us like they know Jamaica, just with better credits. It’s all love Jamaica.

Bazodee – to be disoriented; confused; awestruck

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, click the link below: