Beck has been the topic of choice for every viewer that tuned in to the Grammys yesterday. Many were not expecting the alternative rock and anti-folk singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist to walk home with the award for “Album Of The Year” seeing that many expected either Beyonce or Sam Smith to win.



Beck who’s real name is Bek David Campbell, has been in the industry for almost thirty years and is well known for creating musical collages of a wide range of styles.

Many people were quite upset about him winning this award especially the BEYHIVE, they went in on Beck’s wikipedia page:

Kanye West also went on a rant in a pot grammy interview saying that “Beck needs to respect artistry and give that award to Beyonce”.

Now Beyonce certainly had one of THE best albums of the year but it obviously wasn’t THE best. Now don’t attack me beyhive but what’s an award show if the same people win every year?? Also Beck has been in the industry for almost thirty years and is well deserving of this award and this was proven by the grammy award committee seeing that he won.

If our minds weren’t polluted with thought’s that some guy singing about loving cocaine was actually music maybe we would be able to recognize that Beck actually has meaningful music. Now can we allow the man to enjoy his win PLEASE? OMFG!