Beyoncé is back! Well sort of-

The queen has been keeping on the down-low for quite some time but we know what’s up. *coughs* secret music video *coughs*

However, this time we didn’t have to sneak. Bey posted Cold Play’s music video, “Hymn for the Weekend”, featuring herself,  to her website. We told y’all we’d be watching…

The video was filmed in Mumbai and is brilliantly mixed with colours as we see the citizens in the midst of celebration. The video was in true spirit of India’s culture.

beyonce video 3

Bey is seen dancing in front of a beautiful array of flowers while in a gold and red ensemble with a plunging neckline. And of course, any queen needs a crown. The cape just tops it off.

beyonce video 6


Meanwhile, the video follows Martin as he explores the city to finally jam it out with his band.

martin 2


martin 1

Us Weekly exclusively revealed, Coldplay will be headlining the halftime show and Beyoncé will be joining them on stage. Beyoncé and Martin are bound to perform the new song at Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, February 7.

Don’t worry guys, we’ll be on the look out.


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