For a long time now, the world of Twitter has been speculating wwbd (what would Beyonce do) on Grammy’s night. Seeing that this whole era is full of surprises, its pretty much 50/50 wtf she’ll do ugh.

Several fans thought the starlet would surprise us on the big night and now proof: some Beyoncé dancers have posted instagram pictures at rehearsals and maybe, just maybe… Beyonce will surprise us.

A photo posted by Hannah Douglass (@hannahdlaine) on

Her dancer called hannah d laine uploaded the shots, which feature @dnaybisme and a few others.

SO. Because of the pictures posted, they’re doing the thot walk? stanky leg? Idk the name of the dance move but my money’s on something ‘ratchet’ from seeing the spread legs. Let’s take a guess at what she’s performing:

  • 7/11
  • Haunted (because of the 4 dancers that always f*ck it up)
  • Yonce
  • ***Flawless

Any others?

Watch these people panic and speculate hehe:

A little note:

For the people who complain that 7/11 is too safe for the Grammy’s GO BACK TO YOUR NURSING HOME BC YONCE DOESNT CARE FOR YOUR RULES SISTER.