Blac Chyna was on her way to London late last night, at Austin Airport. It seems apparently, that Chyna took it upon herself to ‘turn up’. Unfortunately forgetting that she couldn’t hold her drinks or her multitude of drugs, but, say what.
Atleast she got a cute Mug Shot out of it:

#RobKardashian is down for bae mugshot and all 😩😂 #RoBlac

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Rob Kardashian seemed to be totally down for what was happening. Props to him for sticking by his girl while she made a fol of herself. *Sips tea* Then again that isn’t any of my business, Oh wait, it is.

One eye witness stated that she was acting like a “drunken fool”. But dear witness, just throwing this out there, pretty sure you’d act like a drunken fool as well, if you were Drunk and High at the same time.

#ZaddyIsOnHisWayHeSaid #RoBlac #BlacChyna #RobKardashian #ChyRo #ChynaRobbed

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Really though, Rob seems to really have his girl’s back. I just hope he teaches her how to hold her drink. Because man Chyna, that’s embarrassing.
You haven’t won the war against the Kardashian’s yet, no time to start celebrating. The war is still in effect Darling.
And I mean Chyna Baby, Khole was throwing some shade last night:


#KhloeKardashian #BlacChyna #ChyRo #RoBlac #ChynaRobbed #RobKardashian

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I mean, Chyna baby, I’ve taken alot of things in my life, but I for one, wasn’t taking that. Gear up Chyna, you have work to do.


Reality Tv?

It Looks like Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, are ready to put their undying love to the small screen.
There has been recent talk circulating that Rob is ready to get back on reality Tv with his own show. Apparently ready to finally show his face and wanting to show off his girl to world.
I mean, not like the world hasn’t seen a lot of her already, but why not. I’m curious as to how  this will make the Kardashian/Jenner clan, especially ‘Little’ Kylie feel.

We’ll keep looking into this story until there’s more to report to you my lovelies.

Ps. I’m currently Looking for a couple name for these two, leave a comment if you can think of any. Much appreciated.


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