BODY PILLOWS!!!! HUGGY PILLOWS!!!! What ever you would like to call them, if you are an individual who likes to cuddle, these comforters are a soothing and calming must for when the night time comes and you want to snuggle in place of a human companion.


body_pillow_2As the name implies orthopedic body pillows are body long pillows.


Who would have THUNK it?

Unlike traditional pillows, this gives the sleeper the ability to even wrap their legs around it to give for a more comfortable and satisfying sleep. Some even bend and mold for varying positions, even to give the sensations of being hugged back.

As you can imagine, there is a vast market for these hug pillows, not only to satisfy people’s sleep comfort but also for those who may need to cuddle as a basic need, as there is a raising percentage in people who live alone or who work a lot, therefore not getting time to actually go out and get themselves a companion and bring them home and hug them when the night time comes. And hugging is such a core and meaningful need for and significant part us as humans that it is perfectly understandable for us to crave this and wanting to find comfort in these products.


But it doesn’t just end there! Oh no, oh no, it goes much deeper than a simple pillow. And before I go in further, Viewer Discretion Is Advised; meaning, I am really really sorry that you’ll have to see this side of me. m(。≧ _ ≦。)m

But there is another kind of body pillow, one that I have been wanting for a really long time and I’m wondering why they aren’t selling in this country by now. There are Anime Body Pillows!!! 

(´°ω°`) And I know that there is a huge market for them even in this country.
d5c8f9a91134b4395943b8a0667a3834-d5miyk5 These are Dakimakura. They are body pillows with life-size printed pictures of various fictitious anime characters, often in a lying down position; supposedly to simulate actually sleeping with these fictional characters.

To you normal people this might seem trivial, but for the die-hard fans of these various characters, this is like the ultimate score. Sleeping with your dream guy or girl, its like I’m practically married.

(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑


Don’t dismiss this as being something secret or hidden just because maybe you’re hearing about it for the first time now, but these Love Pillows are very prevalent in western society.

And even though these products are often deemed as pornographic sex toys and can be seen as weird and unsightly among grown men (and women, they are just as perverted, if not more). Is often associated with sad forever alone anti-social creeps, anime and game freaks (search otakus and hikikomori).


But I actually try to see from the more genuine and sweet side of it.

1409557636-0These could might as well be people who really want that human connection, but just not from humans. Instead they prefer it from their favorite fantasy characters; which even on paper, still makes it sound weird, but it isn’t bad a bad thing and that’s okay.
Who needs a high maintenance companion when you can literally spend the night with the man or woman of your dreams. Or even a plain pillow that you can just snuggle with.

And I know what some of you might be thinking. It’s an inanimate object that doesn’t talk back.

Well Japanese inventor Koichi Uchimura heard the pleas of otakus and made wishes come through with his invention; the girlfriend talking pillow!

dakimakura-talking-pillow-2015This certainly is kicking things up a notch!


That’s right, for about $167 US dollars you can buy Rina; the next best thing to a breathing human girlfriend.

The talk back pillow comes with up to 100 phrases which are activated when rubbing certain sensitive parts of the pillow. This also comes with an app where you can download even more phrases.

This certainly is weird and maybe taking things too far, but “For otaku, this is the dakimakura of their dreams,” asserts Koichi Uchimura himself.

And hey, who are we to come between a person and what he wants d(=^・ω・^=)b63d

I’m using this to bring attention and awareness to body pillows. Why I want one so bad? With the invention of the talking girlfriend pillow, it got me thinking: “What if we can print body pillows with images of real people?”

Imagine spending the night with Destra or Nicki Minaj or Rihanna or Kim or Amber Rose or Beyoncé!!!! The possibilities are endless!!


And what would be even cooler is if you could make a body pillow of yourself. Imagine sleeping with yourself every night! I mean that’s not creepy at all, right? Well it’s just an idea. Because there are some people who genuinely need to hug and cuddle when they come home from work and they go to sleep.


So all you young entrepreneurs out there, you can start investing in your own body pillow manufacturing company. Who knows, this might sell off and be the next best thing. Or this could really be something that people may really need.

~~After Party (Omeke 御負け)~~

_:(´□`」 ∠):_

Hi once again! So so sorry that I posted late and so so sorry you had to see that weird side of me. You may not know because I wouldn’t show it much, but I am really REALLY into Japanese Pop Culture, which doesn’t only limit to anime and games but to fashion and lifestyle and these kind of post wouldn’t limit to Japanese gaming but all kinds so every now and then I would like to appeal to that side of me and I would like to appeal to that side to my audience and to the small majority who are as into these kind of stuff, I wrote this for you. Not to say I wouldn’t go back to my usual style of opinion writing and blogging but every once in a while this is the kind of stuff I will be talking about, So if you like this, please share and leave a comment on this and all the other writer’s articles so that we could write more for your joy and entertainment. As for my scheduled posts, it’ll be craziness, whenever I can write and post I will try. So thank you again, hoped you enjoyed, see you next time. O(≧▽≦)OArigatou gozaimasu!!

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