Kim, we saw that you tried it by cutting your hair for more followers and Instagram attention OK. Theres news for you and child, we saw it coming.

On November 6, 2012, the Royal Queen Beyoncé Knowles Joined Instagram, shocking everyone worldwide because she’s only sent about 4 tweets in her life which she probably hasn’t even overlooked, she avoids interviews, she’s always on youtube anyway, and plus, she only posts on her website, and if she finds a pic ugly we’re left with a ‘page not found’ error the next day.

Anyway… Kim Kardashian is overthrown, the reality tv star is no longer ruling the Instagram empire setting the 25million follower lead. Bow down Kim Kardashian because Beyoncé is the reigning queen of Instagram.

Beyoncé has crushed the woman who lost 1.2 million fake followers and is married to her husbands friend. She is now leading with over 26 million followers (GENUINE ONES BECAUSE BEYONCÉ DONT GOT NO TIME FOR KIDDIE SHIT BUYING FOLLOWERS AND SHIT).

So to prove to you that this was a secret competition for Beyonce & Kim, Take a look at our timeline when Beyoncé creeped up to take the throne putting kim in her place, while lowkey shading her:



  A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on



Throwback Including Talent.

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“My husband can perform with legends”

“I’m the legend.”

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We saw it coming everybody

beyonce instagram followers


Even twitter knew about the arrival

Her first post :”) This is a victorious moment for righteous social media

So now we present… The magic moment at 12:00 another surprise:



kim kardashian instagram followers

beyonce instagram followers


Update: When we refreshed, Kim had a random surge in followers, surpassing Bey. Don’t worry, we’re on it.