Here are the details thus far:

Lil Wayne’s private jet (because yes he can afford those things), had to engage in an emergency landing in Nebraska. Between Milwaukee to California Dwayne Carter experienced these seizures.

Originally the Rap Mogul refused medical assistance. This however proved to be a detrimental move, as he suffered another seizure after boarding his private jet once again. This second seizure occurring roughly 2 minutes after the jet taking off. This event forcing the pilot to return to Omaha.

Lil Wayne- Seizure
(Figured it may have looked something like this, in case you were wondering)

It should be noted that this is not the first seizure that ‘Weezy’ has experienced.
Having had experienced one in 2012- His jet having to make emergency landings two days in a row. And again in 2013- this being nearly fatal.
The rapper previously  stated that he epileptic. Having had experienced seizures since childhood.
He further blamed his seizures on drinking Lean, claiming to have stopped due to this. But was however seen drinking prior to boarding his private jet

It is unknown however of what is the cause of today’s seizures. It’s believed to be drug related.