Over the years Internet Explorer has been scorned by windows users and placed on the back burner and so its only purpose was for downloading other browsers. After years of being mocked for its lack of stability, Microsoft is finally pulling the plug… In a new press release Microsoft announced:

Internet Explorer as we know it will be taking a back seat to Microsoft’s new browser, Project Spartan, in Windows 10 and future projects. IE will still exist, and stick around for compatibility issues, but Project Spartan will be the default way users interact with the internet. Microsoft wants to distance itself with the negative connotations Internet Explorer has acquired through the years.Although Microsoft is still in the process finding a proper name for their new Browser.

We doubt that anyone will care anyway!


It’s not surprising that Microsoft started working on a new browser called “Project Spartan”, as the Former Chief of Internet Explorer left last year forcing the company to start afresh and make a new browser that will be fast, fluid, efficient as well as user friendly.

Well its about damn time cause we’ve been waiting…


So readers here is an early preview of Project Spartan that is set to be released with windows 10:

                                                                           Project Spartan

 What do you guys think?

Will you be switching to Project Spartan?

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Here are a few of the funniest memes comparing IE to other browsers: