CAPE Comm. Studies

CAPE Comm. Studies

Your CAPE IA Deadlines

Your IA Deadlines are the same throughout the region... At least teachers try to make it so. We've organised the early deadlines for each...

The 7 Characteristics Of Language

Gee... been in an exam and they ask you what are the characteristics of language and then  you sit there with your face looking...

Communicative Behaviours

Communicative behaviour is what is communicated to the listener by the messenger. It's the impression that they get. Sometimes you don't even know you're giving of these...



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Chivalry vs Feminism

Does this matter? I mean everybody is talking about it so I might as well. Also i have nothing to talk about. So my friend...

The Silver Lining Foundation

Colfire Insurance Letter Goes Viral

An insurance company based in Trinidad and Tobago named Colfire sent a letter to an employee, Maurice Ramirez, stating his hairstyle was unprofessional. The letter has gone...


Chivalry vs Feminism

Rapper YG Has Herpes?!

Your CAPE IA Deadlines