Are you a girl (or maybe a boy) who likes to keep your skin, specifically your face, nice and smooth? Or maybe you’re just a teen who tries everything to get that pesky acne off? Then you’ve probably heard of the charcoal face mask.

Almost hqdefaultevery beauty guru on YouTube has tried this mask. Either mixing the charcoal with glue to get a peel off mask that they say works instantly, or mixing the powder with water in a wash-off mask. d1a4c33169beab5d6a0209b30112cc4f

I, the teen tired of acne, tried the charcoal face mask and thought I’d give you all my honest feedback, because as I learned a few minutes ago; beauty gurus are liars. Ok ok, maybe not all of them but some.

I didn’t want to do the glue/charcoal peel off mask simply because it look really painful to take off and I’m not about that life, so I did the charcoal/water mixture and left it on for 15 minutes. I washed it off of my face expecting to feel smooth skin as all those beauty gurus had promised but my face was literally as it had been before. Now, I’m not stupid, I didn’t expect all my acne and everything to disappear but I at least expected SOMETHING. Maybe I did it wrong, I don’t know.

However, I’m gonna try the charcoal/glue mask to see if that works any better and I may update you. Please, try that mask and let us know if it works any better for you.