Scrolling through my Facebook recently and I’ve seen posts about our extreme support of international artists while we almost completely disregard local artists who are our friends and family. Why is that? It’s so retrograde, I can’t even.

Being guilty of this myself, I had to look into some of our young local artists and talents to: 1) Satiate my conscience and 2) Find out exactly what they have to offer.

I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by what I found and decided that I had to share with you these local talents who deserve so much more recognition and support than they receive.


You may notice some familiar faces in this band but without any bias whatsoever, they are a talented alternative rap band who you should definitely check out! I have had the pleasure of seeing them live and I loved it. From their powerhouse leads to their awesome rhythm section, you’ll probably want to add them to your playlist. Also, they’re releasing an ep soon so, Go see their Instagram!



2. The FLIcK 

the flick
Continuing with musicians, I had to add The FLIcK to the list. You may have heard of them, if you haven’t, what even is your life? They’re entertaining and everything you can want from a pop/rock band. Check out their Facebook! Go see a show! Support our local music talent!


3. MakeUp by CheyenneJinelle

I may or may not have stalked her Instagram…and Facebook…more than once. Yeah, ok, I’m kinda obsessed with how she does makeup. She’s a young makeup artist who you ladies need to pay attention to because you’ll probably want her to beat your face really soon. Stalk her IGthis one too.



4. Islande Afrique

Is a company started by Olubusola Chung, a girl with a passion for African heritage and culture. Islande Afrique is “African culture becoming one with that Caribbean vybes. Not just a fashion statement but a life style.” For everyone who loves to rock the African and Caribbean style, Islande Afrique on Facebook is the place for you.


5. It’s Arion

I somehow stumbled upon his YouTube channel where he posted his first video yesterday and his guitar playing honestly gave me life.  I immediately became a subbie and dropped a like. His name is Arion, he is a musician and can I just say, as a person who spends all her time watching YouTube vids, I was impressed by the editing of his video. So yeah, Subscribe and everything. I’m excited to see what else he has to offer.


6. Meg’s Jewellery Creations

You’ve probably heard of her, or seen her work but I had to add her to the list because I’ve actually bought stuff from her and I like them a lot. Meagan creates jewellery using beads and everything is really affordable and cute. The girl is good with her hands. Check her out.


So now that you know we have the talented artists creating, whether it be music, make up looks, clothing or jewellery, you should definitely try to #SupportLocal more often. download

If you know of any more young, upcoming, local artists that deserve a feature, leave a comment and maybe I’ll compile another list just like this one!