Does this matter? I mean everybody is talking about it so I might as well. Also i have nothing to talk about.

So my friend sent me a picture captioned “Feminism killed Chivalry”, asking for my opinion.

Being the lowly peasant I am, who STILL have no idea what Feminism is, wasn’t even aware that it Killed Chivalry.

Its like when Vindra Naipaul died, I didn’t know for what reason and wasn’t even aware, kinda like the police force back then…..

Either way, I realized a lot people felt strongly of this (and the dead lawyer) so I tried to imagine how I would behaved towards women even if this was the general idea, because either I believe in “Being a Gentleman before anything else”

But from what little I understand about Feminism, not all women would appreciate that. Which isn’t a general belief, this is different for many women. There are those who would outright refuse to have the door held open for them or be to be carried out for dinner, for whatever uplifting reason (I mean who doesn’t like free food).

Fortunately, after looking into (fancy talk for Google) the topic and asking around, I found that not all women feel this way.
Yes there are women who like to be treated by a man every once in a while. But also believe in returning the favour equally. Basically not associating chivalry with being an obliged act due to ones gender identity but having it mutual between man and woman

But would men mind having the door held by a lady?

I have some friends who can be Gentlemen when they are ready, holding doors, walking on the side of the road when with a lady. But I also have one female friend who doesn’t have a problem with doing the same to them and they get so antsy about it.

For them it is beyond unnatural. Somehow it makes them feel weak and this is the part of chivalry that feminist won’t agree with.

Is Chivalry simply the act of being polite to those you assume to be weaker than you? Well originally it is, but if we are becoming a society where we all want to be equal in ever sort of manner, then that thinking of chivalry should might as well die. BUT, that shouldn’t be an excuse to kill it off completely.

Men shouldn’t just stop being polite and classy to women because they refuse it, and it is not true that they refuse it. They just want the opportunity to be the polite the same.
Being Chivalrous shouldn’t be about being nice to the weak, but instead it should be a show of appreciation for one that you love.

So men, don’t stop being Gentlemen in general, we should all be Gentlemen regardless.
Women, don’t be deterred by your guys just because they might be uncomfortable with being pampered. And don’t assume that there are no classy men in existence, we’re still out there 😉
-somewhere yonder distance a spiky haired feminist cringes-

And of course we don’t need to assume these things just of each other, cause good thing COMMUNICATION still exists and we can always discuss who’s paying for dinner.
And of course don’t forget the surprise acts of random kindness, regardless.

Cause it’s not my love versus your love. But our love versus the world