Are Chris and Karrueche together? We’re all tired of hearing about Chris and Karrueche. Now after repeatedly being on and off for the past 5 years these two just cant seem to get it right.

But reports are that the on-again, off-again couple Chris Brown and Kamqua-I mean Karreuche, were spotted leaving a popular nightclub in Hollywood a few days ago and to top it off she posted a couple pics on Instagram of two gifts she got on christmas, gifts rumored to be from estranged boyfriend Chris Brown.

Its been three weeks since the two called out each other on both twitter and Instagram but it seems the two have buried the hatchet already.

Judging by Karcuche’s Instagram they might have did just that…

chris brown instagram tree

karrueche instagram

Merry christmas for those who wanted to see Chris and Karrueche together you got your annoying wish.

*Fighting meaning mentally, we are not accusing Chris brown of abusing this young lady.

  • Noya

    Well done!