A new style of fitness that has been growing in popularity since its foundation in 2000 has made its way to the the Caribbean and is taking the game by storm! With several gym “boxes” already opened and established throughout our country and accompanying, licensed coaches to help you on your way, people are becoming more and more acquainted with this activity.

Crossfit is almost exactly what you’d think it is; a big mixture of most sports people would do separately all pulled into one, intense workout! It holds a general basis of gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting (different from weight lifting), olympic weightlifting (different from the two) and many other exercises. If you’re up for an extreme day-to-day challenge, want to peak in fitness outside a specified area, or simply want something out of the ordinary, then you should visit your local “box” and get in shape!

And for those who think that it’s just random, uncoordinated exercise, crossfit is utilized by fire departments, military organizations/forces, life guard patrols, and college sports teams worldwide. It’s the path to OPTIMAL physical fitness, over fifteen years in the making!