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As teenagers we most if not all of us have gone through a period of the dreaded acne outbreak. Some, not as lucky as the rest and are left with scars. These scars are now a constant deterrent for us. Leaving many girls like myself to resorting to make up on a constant basis to hide the scaring. (This itself makes it worse)


I know we’re constantly looking for ways to prevent acne and pimples. It’s time however, to learn to deal with the scarring if or once they occur.
Most of us are aware that acne is caused when the pours of the skin is blocked by oil or bacteria or dead skin. The possibility of acne leaving scars to most of us is a scary thought.
Because of this fear we are busy trying to rid or prevent acne. In doing this we can disturb the natural pH of our skin and make things worse, resulting in scarring.

If You have acne scarring there are many ways to treat them. These ways are based on the type of scarring which may have occurred.The guide to treating acne shows that creams such as; cortisone and fade creams can facilitate in the process, and state that patience is also key.

And we see that Teen Vogue created a detailed article on how to be rid acne scars and dark marks.  And Like the previous article they too stress on the importance of patience when treating acne.

acne scarring

However, these articles stress on the use of products that cost money. In the case of kids in their teens, that is, you and I, we may not be able to afford these products. So what about natural remedies?
Is there a way to possibly deal with acne without “forking out” hundreds of dollars on skin care products?
Well this is where I went to the teacher, the senpai, the master of the internet- Google.
Finding the best site with natural remedies for dark scars. Proving to be very informative. Providing a list of products such as:

1. Aloe vera
2. Baking soda
3. Coconut Oil
4. Cucumber
5. Honey
6. Lemon
7. Potato Juice
8. Rose Hip Seed Oil
9.  Sugar Scrub
10. Vitamin E

However, one of the best YouTubers I have seen deal with acne scars is; ItsMyRayeRaye. I suggest watching her video if you want first hand experience on dealing with acne scarring. (She does not use “natural” remedies however, but worth the view)


But Let’s not forget, this problem also has a lot to do with what you eat and how much you eat. Try to indulge in more water and fruits and vegetables. Wear sunscreen as often as possible, or at least, (girls) foundation with uv protection, or moisturize your skin daily. And Take care of yourselves.

~Stay beautiful, D.