bose headphones
bose headphones $299 on Amazon
Earphones or headphones, we’re reviewing both. We’ve done ALL the work for you by testing these, and now we have gathered the best deals! The 5 cheapest and best headphones to buy are all here. December may be coming to an end but the season of giving is not over everyone! So ask your parents for a pair 😉

5. Apple Earbuds (with mic).

Many people who got these earphones with their iPhones never ditched them. They sounded amazing, they looked sleek, they let people know you could afford an iPhone and they were damn sturdy! I washed mine by accident 3 times and it still worked lmao, idk how.



Pros: Great Sound, Beautiful look, Sturdy

Cons: Falls out way too easily

Cost: $200TT-average (29USD)

4. Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds (Black)

Another durable pair of cheap headphones, or better yet, affordable and quality headphones that we like. These earbuds have been know to last two years and provide a quality sound for those who like to jog and gym. The package comes with a nice leather/rubber looking case and 3 replacement earbuds of varying sizes. The cord for this is 3 feet long as well.

Sennheiser buds


Pros: Crisp highs and mids, simple look, great pice for this quality sound

Cons: Discomforting after a while, earbuds tend to slip out easily, no mic, uneven cords

Price: $180TT (30USD)



Beats Solo HD On-Ear Headphone (Green) 

The headphones company once old by Dr. Dre has made some pretty chill headphones guys. The beats Solo HD were at the top of our price range and offered something great, two mins in the package and a carrying pouch for that matter. The beats headphones had quality sound with some strong bass and cushioned leather-like earmuffs to have you enjoy it.

Beats Headphones

Pros: Great timeless design, Available in about 6 different colours (limited editions exist), Comes with two mic cords, very durable.

Cons: Bass was too heavy and took away from the quality of the sound, model now discontinued from official beats website, slips off your head due to plastic earmuffs, uncomfortable after a while

Cost: $1300TT (190USD)


V-MODA Crossfade M-80 Vocal On-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Shadow)

These headphones were beautiful out of the box. They have a futuristic and strong design, with a little edge in it (look at the edges guys) from that hint of red . V-Moda is known for making excellent headphones and this model is not different, if you play games, this is perfect for you.

v moda headphones

 They’re 61% off on amazon so click its title to get them while you can.

Pros: Great design, Crisp sound

Cons: They leak a bit, to the point id refrain using them in a plane or in the library. They’re not timeless either.

Price: $500TT (80USD)


Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

 Sennheiser is topping our list. These are hands down the best under $200 headphones I’ve ever laid my hands on, they’re only under $200 because of their sale for $159 on Amazon but wow they’re remarkable. The headphones have a beautiful wooden outline and are EXTREMELY comfortable, I could watch a movie for hours with them!!!

sennheiser headphones

Pros: Not one flaw except its a bit soulless that it doesn’t hit the basses too much, can be fixed with an amplifier on your phone.

Cons: Only that they need more padding, and a mic

Cost: Currently $1000TT (160USD)

We hope you enjoyed our list for this New Years and Christmas! Wow at these deals! The 5 best cheapest and best headphones to buy must have rocked your EOY list!