Ed Sheeran is Missing.

ed sheeran
Ed Sheeran

Okay, Maybe not in the literal sense. However, the singer/ song-writer has been ‘off the grid’ since January 2016.

After releasing his last album “X” aka, Multiply in 2014, Ed Sheeran did his worldwide tour. Where he also found the time to finish an album. (Details of said album is unknown).

After completing this Album, and ending his tour, He allowed the Sheerios (His fans), to know that the album was complete. But that however, he won’t be releasing it. And that he will instead take a long break, and will also come off social media for said time.

The previous tweet being the last from the red headed heartthrob.

Reminder that he is indeed a heartthrob
Reminder that he is indeed a heartthrob

After several months off the grid Edward finally reappeared in Japan following the Red Nose Event.
Promising to wear a Red Tutu and full manicure to eat the most disgusting food in Japan if more money was raised that 2015’s $23Million.
After it raising $31.5Million, James Corden posted this video of Ed:

And then he later, goes once again off the grid.
If anyone has any idea of where to Find Edward Christopher Sheeran, please contact us.
And Please inform him that his album is 2 years over-due!