Police in Trinidad aren’t apparently pleased with their 14% salary increase and in a way to protest, they cause MAJOR roadblocks allover the island.


Maxis can be seen releasing passengers as they walk home, and pretty much the entire Trinidad is shut down due to the police roadblocks.
I had friends telling me they spent hours to get even like a single car length ahead in the traffic and many decided to turn back because of how ridiculous the situation is. Can you imagine the sick people or doctors that have to head to hospitals?
Exams postponed, schools shutdown, and the islands on a break for now… for the kicks of it people on twitter crack the jokes while time flies lol.

According  to CNC3:

Police are checking tire-pressure, spare tires, dip sticks for oil, handbags of passengers on buses and maxi taxis and more.


We’ll update you more as We get news guys, got any pics? post em!

[Photos provided by Facebook Commenters]

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