A lot of fashionistas or fashionistos (or whatever) tend to look at the runway shows and magazine for fashion inspiration, and believe me its an easy and really accessible way to find inspiration, but…this begs to ask the question…Is runway really relatable??? Lets break it down here, between the bazaar make up and styling as well as these usually unattainable sizes  of the runway models most people cannot readily relate.

Some people may beg to differ, proposing the argument that fashion publications and media have always promoted the idea of unattainable fantasy, and in retrospect, that statement would be entirely factual. the bottom line is we all want what we can’t have and we’re willing to fake it till we make it, but there are some cases where we are all left wondering what was the fantasy that was being sold…

A prime example of this would be Rick Owens ss16 runway show….rick owens ss16 2
rick owens ss16 2……. like whet??? o_O ??rick owens ss16 3

There was a very artistic explanation accompanying the presentation given by the designer and artistic director(Rick Owens) about his use of this model on model action he had going on…

There are other times where the fantasy is clear, like in this runway presentation of Atelier Versace’s 2015 collection:

atelier vesace 14

I’m sure everyone wanted to be a flawlessly beautiful ethereal pixie princess after that show……..I’m sure of it!!!

Sometimes I can provide help, but right now I just wanna pose a question…do we relate to runway reality or fashion fantasy?