On Twitter the hashtag #FreshersGuide 2016 started trending for Caribbean students who may be going to college in UWI, UTT, Utech or elsewhere in the region. After digging through we found some SUPER helpful tips that you may wanna know.

The advice is carefully crafted to give you the best on-campus experience so that you may get your degree, network, and graduate with a peace of mind. College isn’t for wasting time so you may wanna know some cheat codes to make it out alive. Have fun!


A man with a car aint a bad idea

Bring your own food sometimes, and use the free microwaves

Campus has tons of jobs

Download Lecture notes ASAP

Do this

Be a responsible grown-up.

Don’t depend on the library to save you

This sounds legit. Keep your timetable smart not silly.

Youtube is a great help.

See you at orientation!

Network RIGHT

Please stay in groups

Integrations matter (but only the first, middle, and last)!

Studying seems to not be a joke in UWI

Make sure you’re on the project

Morning classes? Forget it.

Do not miss tutorials, again…

Kill it mid-semester so you don’t panic in the end!

Know your teachers. Lol.

Please dont get too caught up


If you really haven’t gotten the point yet, classes are SUPER important

Don’t pay all at once…

Help others, there’s infinite degrees.


Manage your workload appropriately

This ones iffy…. but it’s true

Register AFTER Orientation

Maybe a bad idea…

Don’t be a 50%er who lives on the edge.


Your rep wouldn’t change if you attend every party. Just network right.

Don’t dress too hype

Don’t be isolated!

Friendships really matter on campus.

Clothes aren’t a big deal

Be resourceful

Don’t even plagiarise your own self

Electives aren’t bad

Question lecturers, they aren’t evil.

Moderate your studying over time

Really? Alright. *Shrug* Avoid friday.

Be the best you



Please tune in to your credits so you don’t fall behind

And those are some of the best college advice. If you’re a freshman in 2016/2017 academic year good luck! We know you can do it. Remember your goal is your degree and a large network. Nothing else! 😉

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