What exactly is Game Development? Game Development is simply the process of creating a video game from one person to a whole company. It is usually divided into different parts such as Animation Artist,Gameplay Programmer,Sound Designer,Concept Artist,Game Designer,Level Designer, AI Programmer and the list goes on. These days one person can do all this all in one.


Game Development is growing rapidly in Trinidad & Tobago as more developers continue to collaborate  and form teams in order to produce top quality games. However one way be interested in started but way be overwhelmed with the impression that developing games may be hard or you can never build a game like Halo some day but the truth is anyone can develop a game once they have the right mindset and passion for achieving success. This article will about the Game Development Fundamentals and the tools needed.

Typically Games are developed in game engines whether built from scratch or components predefined. The following list showcases the engines that are used in the gaming industry which most are free to use depending on the version.

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NOTE: It is highly recommended that you learn a programming language to start you off but there are some game engines that require little programming.


Engines that require programming knowledge


1.Unity Engine (C#/ JavaScript)




Unity Website




2.Unreal Engine( C++/ BluePrint)






3.LumberYard Engine (C++)

Lumberyard Website



Engines that require limited programming knowledge (Recommend for beginners)






GameMaker Website




2.Construct 2




Construct 2 Website

Vector Programs (Free)

Tools you can use to create art for your game.


Inkscape Wesbite


GIMP Website


Sound Tools ( Would be added soon)



Go out there. Figure up a game engine.Make Games!!!!