I am one to neither recognize gender nor gender norms. I really don’t. But that doesn’t mean I agree that they aren’t important. It seems that people today are so caught up in the image of their gender identity but not the responsibilities that come with.

And I’m not talking about sexual orientation or biological gender. I believe in Equality; that Equality is the Freedom to choose how we express and brand ourselves. But no choice is without its responsibilities and consequences. Confused? Offended? I thought you might.

People tend to focus on their image more than anything else. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Guys in gym 24/7 want to be as manly looking as possible to attract females, yet have no class as a gentleman and no spine to become fathers. And Girls who take overzealous pride in their femininity. Pretty hair, flawless face, eyebrows on fleek and let me just say it, BREASTS for days. Every day is the Booty Challenge and they will go through the pain of 100 squats a day but to ask them to lose all that and birth a child, they can’t. The same goes for gay men and gay women for they can also act with no class and dignity. Like for reals. They demand respect yet they don’t have any for others nor themselves, but that’s for like a whole other article by itself.

Still with me? Good. I know its confusing and I gave weird examples. You may have questions like “arculied, what are these Responsibilities you speak of?” Well even though I used the example of parenthood, we humans weren’t just put on Earth to just make babies and that’s it, there’s more to being a man and woman than anatomy and reproduction. We as humans needs to step up and start nurturing each other, ourselves, our children and our planet. This country really needs parental figures for all children, whether you want kids or not. But that’s just basic human responsibility; we’re talking about responsibilities for boys and girls respectively and in relation to how we develop each other.

Regardless of what you believe, in terms of religion, we were created male and female. Some say with the intention of populating the planet. But now that the planet is populated, a little too populated, so we don’t have to worry about anything in that aspect. But we were also created male and female for developmental reasons and that has not changed. And to prove that we were created male and female not only for biological reasons, I won’t say anything. I’ll just ask you to imagine a world dominated of only men and a world dominated of only women, of whichever sexual orientation, trust me it doesn’t matter. Just do that for a few seconds, go ahead, I’ll wait.

Finished? Did you see everything going to hell? Good, we’re on the same page then, moving on.

The fact of the matter is we need the qualities of both Men and Women despite whatever your biological gender or sexual orientation. My motto on the whole gender role thing is that if you want to be a man then BE A MAN, which doesn’t only mean strong physically and mentally, be kind and gentle and caring. WOMEN don’t just be trophies, be LADIES, instead of focusing on your looks, focus on brains. You run things here so take your positions and run things. Really, we can’t do stuffs without you. We need you to be caring and loving and extra strong to take care of, us, our children and each other. And seriously, let the gays adopt, they’re willing to love just as much as any straight couple and there are tons of kids out there who needs it and would not care if their adoptive parents were same-sex, once they’re being taken care of. Seriously, I see gays more supportive, faithful and loving than most straight people.

Sure we’re all equal but not equal so that we must go our separate ways. And if we don’t want to assign roles to each other so badly then we all must collectively become
Because honestly, even though we can’t live with you and we can’t live without you.





After Party!!~

It was my co-worker who gave me the idea to write on gender although I was thinking about it for a while. And it was going to turn into a long passion post until it was straying too much and I had to do the whole thing over! But she made the idea of how men and women were neglecting their roles not only as mothers, fathers, leaders, helpers but as humans and it was that idea that I really wanted to stand out the most. Not that there is anything wrong with role reversal and I wasn’t bashing the idea in any way nor was this an Equality post with regards to sexual orientation. But it was of great concern of mine, how people would call themselves Men and Women and had nothing else to show for it besides their looks and it was a really nice observation and I wanted to make it aware to people that there is more to being a Man and Woman, beyond than biological sex or sexual orientation, but it is how you carry about yourselves, to become Ladies and Gentlemen.

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