Jamaican Dancehall sensation ‘Gully Bop’ aka ‘Country Man’ who’s real name is  Robert Lee Malcom rose to fame in November of  last year from  video of him that went viral. Many thought that the deejay was mentally ill because of his appearance but they had thought wrong. We were all surprised when this so called ‘mad man’ began to showcase his lyrical abilities.

The entire country began supporting the deejay, he began recording music, being interviewed, he even got a girlfriend! Most people believe that their relationship if just for publicity but tbh, anyone who can kiss Gully Bop (seeing that he has only two front teeth) must be blindly in love so that seems real enough to me.

Then his ego trip began…Gully Bop made videos dissing other dancehall artistes like, Ninja Man and Black Ryno just to name a few. He even went as far as saying that Ninja Man gave him cocaine back in the day. The dancehall legend Ninja Man then responded in a recent interview on On Stage stating that the artiste wrecked his own life before he  was rediscovered on Facebook and also insisted that he fix his teeth lol.

Last December Gully Bop’s Record label Claims Records dropped him because of his disrespectful and boastful ways.

A rep for the Claims Records says since he became famous, Gully Bop has been getting disrespectful to everyone at the label and his ego is getting the better of him.

“Claims Records done wid Gully Bop. We done wid everything,” the rep said. “Him a diss everybody whe start him ting. Him a diss the people from the community. Right now Grant’s Pen nuh inna him. Him dis Boom Boom and Kibaki and a diss everybody.”

The label’s reps says Gully Bop, ala Country Man, has also been reluctant to voice songs forother producers and radio disc jockeys.

“When we ask him to do some dubs and jingles fi the radio selectors, him say a nuh dem buss him so him nah do it,” the rep added. “It’s like we have to be forcing him to do things and that is giving Claims Records a bad name with these selectors. If a nuh money, him nah dweet. We were trying to steer his career to keep him afloat but him nuh want hear dat. We asked him to voice for DJ Sunshine and not even dat him did waan fi do. Him say a YouTube buss him so him nuh need no selector.”

The label’s representative says the final straw was when Gully Bop refused to perform on a show that he was booked for on Monday night.

Following the release of the statement from Claims Records, Gully Bop told his side of the story:

But now Gully Bop, also known as Country Man, is giving his side of the story.

“I am not disrespectful to anyone and I am not hyping on anyone,” Bop said.

“Let me tell you this, it’s social media buss me, nobody spent any money to buss me so if your a producer and I want to voice a tune for you then I will do it, but don’t try to control me,” the lyrically acclaim deejay said.

“Them out of order because how them want come talk about that they are minding me and giving me everything,” he added.

Gully Bop is also fresh of his recent performance at Sting 2014 and we can’t lie he did really well!

This all goes to show,never let your ego get the best of you and always be grateful because this man went from rags to riches in literally 4 weeks and the way it looks now…he’s probably gonna end up  back in that gully where they found him. It’s kinda sad but true.


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