It really pains me to see the large majority of our youths today unsure and most times down right clueless as to what career path to choose after their secondary or even tertiary education. What to do with your life?

I really think its beneficial to have a i really look like a guy with a planWere as it is exciting and spontaneous at times; to just leave things to chance and have the outcome be in your favor, you’d realize that by having a plan and setting goals can contribute to motivation, enables hard work and gives that feeling of hope. Now making goals and setting plans are good but we’ll specifically be speaking about making plans in terms of choosing Career Paths.

Now the suitable time to start think about it will lie somewhere between the beginning of form 4 secondary school, where you choose subjects or after CXC when you get your results. Based on the subjects you did you should have a basic idea of what you are skilled in. And there are many tertiary schools and training programmes offered by the government with a wide array of skills and courses one can do.teritary Collage

If you haven’t decided yet what you would like to do after CXC, internships and volunteering would be best for you to figure out for yourself. Don’t be afraid to take up non-paying programmes but there are some courses where you can actually be paid for learning. There are also many business workshops that encourage students fresh out of secondary school to join and train under them. Big companies always like young minds with potential to be molded into a proper ethical worker.

And even if you don’t fancy working under a company, these same workshops also offer entrepreneurship training and mentoring and on the job training for practical learners. Literally there is training and education for every field of profession and people out there willing to give it through government assistance.

So this is just something to think about and take advantage of cause its out there; we just need to take the first step.