Alicia Keys was smart to not release a video where Beyonce overshadowed her, too bad for this guy.




– Alicia keys was lucky put it in a love song video didn’t block her career.

I had to drop all I did when I realised Beyoncé was hired to be a backup for some rapper but she took over the spotlight (unfortunately for him) and I can’t deal with the cuteness of foetusyoncé (sorry). She was the lead in our eyes and she stole every scene; Who in the world would hire Beyonce for their video project and not expect a Beyonce music video to be the end result? His names Lil’ O btw.

The video features Kelly and some other girls while a young and pocket sized Beyoncé dances in all her youth and a pink sports car. I’ve never seen this video before and it’s so exciting to see the Queen Bey slay us so young again.