With the Samsung Galaxy S6 inbound one can’t help but notice did Samsung borrow sorrow some of the design choices they used too mock and make a fun of previously? We will discuss a few points that show Samsung is taking notes from the iPhone.


Non Removable Battery

In this ad Samsung mocked iPhone users who had to charge their phones often since they couldn’t just pop out the battery and put another one in which made the Galaxy S5 popular as compared to the iPhone but now since the Galaxy S6 no long has a removable battery it just makes this old commercial pretty ironic.


Water Resistant 

One thing that was handy about the Galaxy S5 was the water and dust resistant which was a nice add-on in the event of accidental spills users didn’t have to worry about buying a new phone or holding their head in frustration as they accidentally dropped your phone in the toilet. How it worked was that the USB port was covered using a flap so water couldn’t get in anywhere of course unless you didn’t cover it properly. But the Galaxy S6 no longer has this feature since Samsung sacrificed it in order to get a slimmer form factor for the S6.



No SD Card Slot

Some users like myself store a vast amount of stuff on their phone like music,pictures and videos takes up a lot of memory making memory cards very useful since there are 256GB SD cards nowadays. This is actually the first Samsung model to  not have a SD card,only logical thinking behind the reason for this is once again a slimmer form factor. Another reason could be with regards to  performance since some memory cards tend to slow down the phone depending on what class type they are .


The real question is why Samsung Made the 180 with regards to the S6?

According to Yahoo:

All of these features taken together, not to mention the Galaxy S6’s iPhone-esque fingerprint sensor, bodes well for Samsung users. While many of the early Galaxy smart phone models were uniquely focused on iPhone differentiation, what with their bigger screens and replaceable batteries, the Galaxy S6 acknowledges that many users care more about a sleek form factor than they do about features which have arguably outlived their usefulness. As a quick example, users who need long battery life are much better served by Mophie cases than they are with tinkering with replaceable batteries.

All in all, it’s great to see two tech giants competing and learning from each other. After all, it’s not as if the iPhone hasn’t copped a few features from its Android rivals in the past either. In the end, it’s the consumers who reap the benefits of the fierce iPhone vs. Android rivalry. The Galaxy S6 emphatically proves as much.