In Kunshan Eastern China, a new restaurant opened where it’s completely run by robots. Now this is some ridiculous crap we expect to see in a sci-fi movie, only this is real life.

The robots cook food, whip it up and serve it, kinky. The machines are pretty costly I must say, for $10,000 a piece, the same price a year for a human employee.

robot restaurant

The machines don’t understand or say much, as you can imagine, I’m sure its like siri even lol:

“Can i….*Beep* take your orrrrder?”

“Hi can I have a large fries and some clam chowder?”

“Sure, Fried rice, ham and water coming up!”

“No FRIES, I want FRIES, and CLAAAAM CHOOOWDER” (lol i’d never ask for that)

“Ok no fries and no water”

Yeah you get what I expect these robots to be like right?

Do you expect these little helpers to takeover our world? Sound off in the comments below.

robot waiter

Photos: MirrorUK