Bieber and his bulge attempted to break the internet. But too bad his hands, legs, abs and everything you see was faked. They even shrunk his head. It wasn’t too long after the raging beliebers became disappointed that their idol has a body in need of photoshop.

Breatheheavy reported they received an anonymous email with the before and after pictures of Justin where he appears heavily photoshopped in this gif.


It is reported that he was a douchebag on set, hitting on the 31 year old mother who posed with him, and she let him know that he is a 20 year old CHILD. It is also said that bieber wanted to be “taller” and “bigger”…. well he got that bulge I guess?

 According to TMZ it looks like he even got some pubic hair from the computers at work.


Whoops Bieber, can’t catch a break can’t you bro?

Photos Breatheavy, TMZ

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