If you thought Kanye West and Taylor swift were a mess after 2009, think again.

This is 2016 kids, and Kanye West made Taylor Swift famous (again).

Before I give you the tea, I have to pour you the Lemonade.
As most of the socially ‘knowledgeable’ world is aware. 2009 was a hot mess for Kanye West, and the Beyhive alike.
Queen Bey lost song of the year (for hit Single Ladies), to then, Up and coming singer Taylor Swift.
This incident was one Yeezy did not take with stride. Which resulted in the below classic Image of Tswift and Yeezy:

Taylor Swift seen here gripping to the mic for dear life...
Taylor Swift seen here gripping to the mic for dear life…

In recent times however, we thought we saw a possible spark of sorts between the two artiste. Until the release of Kanye’s now hit song, ‘Famous’.

With the release of this song, we saw Swifties explode in response to the “exceptional” line in the song;

I feel like me and Taylor might still have s*x
Why? I made that b***h famous (God damn).

Prior to the release of the song however, word spread rapidly that Taylor agreed, and consented to the lyrics. When the song released there was a different story to be told, we heard uproar from TSwift and her camp.
Taylor went on to say that she would never consent to such misogynist lyrics.

Kim K had been adamant however, that Taylor Swift made those remarks as an attempt to throw her husband under ‘the bus’.
Stating that their were recordings of the conversation. However, these recordings were ever released, and therefore thought to be a myth.

This was however until 11:21pm July 17th.
After the new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, KimK released the alleged video on snapchat.
Kim Kardashian West tried to warn us before she released all this tea though:

Then finally drawing people to her snapchat with this glorious tweet.

And what did we see on her snap guys, the most finely brewed tea.
(Be ware of the audio)

All of KimK’s snaps can be viewed on kimksnapchats on Instagram.
When Tswift and her camp got whiff of this however, she had the following to say:


"Since 2009"
“Since 2009”

We saw twitter trending at number 1 #KimExposedTaylorParty. Sending the internet in a frenzy. Even seeing some of Swift’s ‘clique’ lashing out.


My melanin can’t deal with all this shade guys. And who knew Selena had such language?
Also some celebs that were just not her for Swift.

#PressPlay: #Pharrell isn't here for #TaylorSwift either 😩😩 #TwitterLikes

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Even Zendaya Liking and Un-liking post
Even Zendaya Liking and Un-liking post


Would you believe this all started because Beyonce didn’t win another award to add to her 20 Grammy’s.
But this tea though.