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Kanye West announced the change of his latest album from “Swish” to “Waves” approximately 20hrs ago. He announced this via a series of tweets on twitter. Some of these tweets paying homage to rappers such as Jay-Z, 50 cent and Q-tip. Giving his respects to Max B.

This album change however, did not seem to sit well with fellow rapper, Wiz Khalifa. Sending Wiz on a short twitter rant earlier today.

Kanye West Vs Wiz Khalifa
via The Shade Room

And Kanye West being the OG, drama queen, that he is, went off in his own twitter rant.



With Kanye going for a low blow by taking a jab at Amber Rose (aka Muva) and little Sebastian.




At the end of his rant, subsequently Thanking Wiz Khalifa for the “promo”:


And In case you wanted to know what made Kanye West lose his shit today, It was this one tweet:


Kanye West of course thought this was about him and his wife, Kim K. Wiz Khalifa however shot that theory down.


Showing Kanye that he was pretty much un-bothered by his near hour long rant.


And if you for a second think that Amber Rose was going to stay quiet while Kanye ran his mouth, guess again. Muva had some choice words for Kanye when she got a hold of her twitter account

Amber Rose clapping back

Subsequently, “mysteriously”, leaving Kanye West apologetic.



With Amber Rose having this last words in this entire mess:


As much as Kanye West may like to continuously “put down” Amber Rose’s existence it’s obvious that it’s because he ‘low-key’ fears her existence.
Screenshot 2016-01-27 at 7.52.54 PMWe all know Amber Rose has all the good information on Kanye. Just waiting for Amber to be done with your shit Kanye.
And Don’t forget, “Waves” will be out February 11th.

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