Rumors surfaced yesterday saying that the ‘King of R&B’ was jumped along with his crew at Club Illusions II in Gulfport Mississippi over the weekend. According to BallerAlert, R. Kelly was paid $50,000 to perform at the nightclub which he didn’t do:

The promoter allegedly tweeted:

“We Paid R.Kelly $50,000 to perform,”

“He did not perform and he got jumped for doing so”

Police stated that a fight had occurred and that the cause was over a ‘Civil Dispute’ however, R.Kelly was not physically involved it was just his management. The owner of the club has come forward saying that “R.Kelly never got touched”, “Nobody jumped R.Kelly”. He did also state that not only did Mr. Kelly Refuse to perform but he also showed up hours late to the venue and was very demanding too.

Rumors are also flying that a video might be floating around so we’ll just have to wait and see…

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