We’ve all heard about the leaked nudes circulating among Trinidad. Over 500 women have been hacked. The photos have been placed in folders categorized by the names of each individual, as seen above. Recent investigations suggest that some of the girls featured are under the age of 18. Further police investigations believe that the persons behind the leaked photos may be medical students from the University of the West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus.

Since the release of the photos, there has been a lot of feedback from Social Media. Some people blame the girls for their ignorance and others bash the men for their immaturity and lack of respect towards women.


Unfortunately, there are no laws incriminating the persons responsible for sharing nude photos online without consent from the individual photographed or the owners of the photos. However, it is a criminal offence to share photos of girls who are underage.

Here is what one victim had to say about her photos:


Another spoke to CNC3 anonymously. She went to the police for help, and they laughed?!?! Seriously?!? I fail to see how this is a laughing matter. A violation of privacy, being shamed in front of friends and family and a broken trust towards all men. As if the few good men remaining didn’t have enough pressure in dating already. Thanks, you little petty, awkward, immature, hormonal virgins.

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