Riri girl you’re sounding a little rough… Maybe its because R8 is going in a strong direction??


For those out of the loop: Rihanna teased her song B*tch Better Have My Money March 25th and stated that the song’s snippet is coming to dubsmash on the 26th. Fast forward to now, and Rihanna drops her new song on a Radio debut so we got it right here!

The song sounds like Pour It Up’s middle child, and is further backed by some vocals seem to be recorded after Rihanna got that ‘high’ in the studio for her vibe. Interesting. Look Rihanna, please give us a clear direction for #R8 album because BBHMM and 45s isn’t helping the fans.

Listen to the song below and tell us if you can decide where this is going.

Is Old Rihanna with “Diamonds” and “Rude Boy” ever coming back? Please find her.

i need a drink