Coded Arts is a gaming company situated within the heart of Caroni with one main goal in mind: put Trinidad and Tobago on the map for Industry Standard Gaming.

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar global industry. Coded Arts seeks to expand Trinidad and Tobago’s economy by exploring that avenue as a serious financial endeavor. As such, they aim to produce industry standard  (or “AAA”) games to show the international market that Trinidad and Tobago should be considered to be a contender. Their previous release Project Gordo I and upcoming project Wetman: The Game have given the company significant traction in terms of breaking into the gaming industry.

Their newest release is a demo of a major project entitled: Char Su’s Great Adventure, set in the Caribbean. The game features folkloric elements, a whimsical art style, and original music. It follows the titular protagonist in his journey to defeat evil and the overall design of the game is firmly rooted within Caribbean culture. After participating at the TIC (Trade and Investment Convention) to exhibit the game the company has been working on for some time, Coded Arts released the alpha-stage demo of the game to the public for all the fans.

This demo is meant to show the quality of work possible within the country and the fact that Gaming should be taken seriously. After playing the demo, fans now have even more reason to look forward to the full release of Char Su’s Great Adventure. The release of it takes Coded Arts one step further toward their goal of putting Trinidad and Tobago on the map. Thanks to companies such as these, Trinidad and Tobago once again has a foothold in a new international market.


Char Su’s Great Adventure Demo now available to download at the official Facebook page here.