The Man of Soca himself, Mr. Machel Montano has joined forces with Trinidad’s bigger better network, Digicel. Machel is one of the biggest acts in the entertainment industry, not only in Trinidad, but because of his hard work and effort, he’s been recognized internationally as well. So the question is asked, why join Digicel? Some may say it’s an upgrade and others say its a platform to throw shade at the opposing network, Bmobile. Is this True?

Quoting form his interview on The Morning Brew, Mr. Montano said, “This is Digicel’s bigger better world and Machel is always bigger BUT better“. Really Machel? What are you trying to say? He also went along with a following statement saying, “This happened in reality, I needed proper service in my house!” Now if that’s not shade, I don’t know what is.

CYP38-pUsAAUDYgNow watching from the business point of view, Digicel teaming up with Machel is a great investment, they’ve just launched their Digicel Play island-wide. From the ‘Trini’s’ point of view, it’s obviously shade at the other network. Let’s see what the public has to say about this:

The best at beating people to a pulp and getting off with a slap on the wrist.”

“Oh What’s new? Smh Digicel know too much b****ed money. As for machel I could care less because it have better than him in soca industry but I guess because he’s machel he name big smfh.” 

Two Facebook commenters noted. It seems like us Trini’s wanna give Machel a hard Time.

As for his music career, and where the Soca Monarch is involved, he lets us know to have no fear, even though he wouldn’t be performing at the Soca Monarch, he will still grace us with his presence on the Soca Monarch stage, Machel Monday will be going off as planned, and this is, The Year of The Monkey, change is inevitable, he’s going to ensure Power Soca, will not die, but evolve. Seems to me he’s saying it’s dead, but that’s not my place to say. Keep it up Machel, do you, but we all would be watching you and looking out for the ‘Evolution‘.