Lady Gaga, the biggest popstar in the world can’t seem to catch a break. In recent times, she’s been the target of feuds from her female peers. However, this time her shade is more subtle.

Madonna posted a tweet on twitter from her current leaked, Rebel Heart for some promo. She’s been posting pictures of a subject wrapped bondage style to represent her album cover but this time, old lady madge has dragged gaga into her web again.

She says “Love This <3” as a caption, just says after her alleged diss track against gaga leaked. Is this shade? Maybe. Madonna has played part to  sabotage Gaga’s career in the years of her rise, and labeled the artiste as reductive *Sips tea*.

Now heres the drama.

Azealia Banks, who the public loves to hate,

 gets involved with this little shade, and busts out in a KIIIIIII for madonnas post lol. Btw a KI is a laugh.

Its all laughs and fun, but be careful picking on Gaga. We know who might have leaked Rebel Heart.

 gaga on laptop



 Are they dissing gaga? Tell us in the comments!

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