Spare me the guilt and inadequacy I feel, because this 10 year old Esther Okade is 10 years old and is mastering calculus, advanced math and she’s already enrolling in her undergraduate degree course. Of course, we all have our own paths in life so don’t feel bad, just be inspired.

Living in the UK, she’s one of the youngest university students to ever enrol in a degree course.

She said: “We even had to talk to the Vice Chancellor.

“After they interviewed her they realised that this has been her idea from the beginning.

“From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university.

“But I was afraid it was too soon. “She would say, ‘Mum, when am I starting?’, and go on and on and on.

“Finally, after three years she told me, ‘Mum I think it is about time I started university now.”

Esther applied in August, and after a phone interview, an essay and a maths exam, she finally got the news in December that she had been accepted onto the course.

“She was flying,” said Efe. “She was so happy.”

“She is doing so well. She took a test recently and scored 100 per cent.

“Esther talks about running her own bank one day,” added Efe. “She has a lot of plans, and talks a lot about finances.

“She says she wants to be a millionaire.

“Isaiah is following in his sister’s footsteps. He is doing calculus and advanced algebra.

“Even when he was in my tummy Esther was already teaching him.”

Eshter isn’t the youngest child ever to be enrolled on a university course.

Fun fact: In 1981 Ruth Lawrence, from Brighton, passed the Oxford exam at 10 years old. 

She graduated in 1985 at the age of 13 with a first class degree in Mathematics.


Source: Telegraph UK

Photos: Nick Wilkinson/Birmingham Mail