The almost-forgotten member of Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams, was on “The View” this Monday morning to address pregnancy rumours of Beyoncé her hum “sister”.

Pregnancy analyst and former Destiny’s Child member Michelle said:

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“You know, when she was pregnant people said that she wasn’t pregnant and you know, it’s just no truth to it. Sorry!” – Michelle.

I mean come on, as Michelle continued, we all know that she doesn’t know as much as she wishes she knew about Beyonce’s life, (is Beyonce pregnant or is she not) however, she worked with beyonce so I’m listening.  She analyzed the photo like a commoner outside of Beyonce’s circle and gave her sort of review/fact/in-the-loop? statement on Beyoncé’s possible new child, Green Sea.

“First of all, first of all, if you look at the picture, the baby bump is like where her knees probably really are so that’s really–” said Michelle, before she was cut off by the rest of the group/other best friends of Beyoncé who had their own thoughts about the picture.

“All these allusions, just stop it, stop it, too many things,” was her ending statement. More updates will follow soon from Beyoncé’s best friend, sister, former coworker, assistant, Michelle.

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