If you dont know what Balloono is , in the game you’re a monkey armed with deadly water balloons, you blow up the obstacles to get power-ups and your goal is to collect the most power-ups and pop the other monkeys to win first place. Below are some annoying things most balloono players go through.

1. Playing against a Charles, Star, Real or Crew player…


And they win…


 2. Waiting FOREVER for the matches to refresh…













Patiently waiting to get into a match..

Screenshot (44)                                           Screenshot (45)



Screenshot (46)


NO, I don’t want to watch.

3. Accidentally popping yourself..then someone kills you

balloonog     Screenshot (48)

Like..Come on!

4.  When you win a match and the host kicks you out..

Screenshot (49)

Screenshot (34)


If you play balloono you have gone through at least one of these before..but if u still dont have a  clue about this game..try it out below its FREE! WARNING IT IS ADDICTING! LOL!

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