I’ve been to so many local events here in Trinidad, quite a few actually, considering I’ve performed in a few, but nothing quite beats back what I experienced on Tuesday 26th of January, when I attended Unplugged and Chill, with K Rich and Zero The Girl.





When I first got there, obviously I was way too early, but it didn’t stop the experience. I was greeted by my good friend, Isaac Rudder  (Yung Rudd),download if y’all don’t know who he is, look him up. He and his partner, Mark Hardy hosted the show, so I expected the “vibes” even though it was an acoustic based show. I was LEGIT fooled!! It wasn’t just vibes, IT INSPIRED ME!




The ambiance, the crowd, the performances, everything was well executed from start to finish. First performer was Zero The Girl. 12410583_199841637030640_6482104837083445143_nNow I’m ashamed to say I’ve never heard of this girl before that night, and I’m sorry I didn’t, she is amazing. Her, accompanied by Trinidad’s own, Joshua Salcedo on the congas blew me away. She seemed to particularly enjoy singing Ed Sherran and Sam Smith songs, which I believe influence her originals, which has the same feel, maybe better ,if I do say so myself. The emotion on her face, you can see she loves performing. One would think she’s been doing it a while now, but she confessed to the crowd that it was her first official performance, and at the age of 20, her lyrics were so real and you couldn’t help but sing along with her, you’ll actually doubt it. I enjoyed every bit of that performance and it seemed everyone else did as well, even though some were asking for something more upbeat, you couldn’t help but enjoy what she did, but I had to admit to myself, the highlight of my night was K Rich.



I believe EVERY GIRL KNOW’S THIS MAN! And if you don’t think you do, this line would refresh your memory, “Wine back that bumpa on me! Ah Wah Ya wine it back meh gyal!K-Rich-aRemembered yet? Yes! K Rich graced the stage with not one, not two, but THREE guys playing acoustic guitars, one of which were CCN Tv6’s own reporter Jabari Fraser. That was a surprise, even for me, which made me even more entertained.

Singing a medley of his hits, like the ever popular, ‘Wine Back’ and ‘Nothing Less’, had the crowd bouncing while he sang, engaged and entertained. His stage presence, his energy, his voice, while sick, and his overall performance captivated the crowd. Trust me! It was certainly hard to look away. Rich even gave the crowd a taste of his “loose” side, rolling his waist straight down to the ground, now if that isn’t performance, I don’t know what is. He even reached back into the archives and sang for us, ‘Do The Iwer/Butterfly/Shadow/Wave‘, A song I haven’t heard since I was a child. Giving us all of this you’ll think he wouldn’t add more, well I was wrong, he confessed a few things in between his performance, but the one that stood out to me was him telling the crowd, he’s thinking about giving up.

I wanted to give up, because I feel like I’ve been doing this for years now and I haven’t reached as far as I wanna be“, the artist said. Seems like he had some second thoughts about this industry, but never the less he pushed on. He made a following statement saying, “Everyday I wake up, I know I need to hustle, I need to grind, I need to be the best I can be to get on top of this game, for my daughter.” Making his daughter his inspiration, Rich seems to be moving past his doubts and making it happen, and it showed in the performance.

We also got inside the mind of K Rich as he confessed some of his dream collaborations, one of which happened to be with hosts Yung Rudd and Mark Hardy, they seemed to confirm it on the spot ,so I’ll be looking out for it in the near future, as well as a lot more from K Rich as he seemed to never wanna give up and like he said, “I see myself in this music“, so for all K Rich fans who thought they were gonna lose him, think again.

Overall, awesome show, awesome crowd, awesome performances, and I know where I prefer to spend my Tuesday nights, at the Kaiso Blues Cafe, where I can certainly Unplug and Chill.