The Myth of the Good Cop:

With the death rate of blacks increasing rapidly in the US, we observe a trend occurring.
This trend being, that as these deaths occur, postings on social media about “good cops” arrive swiftly after.


Is “Good Cop” an accurate term?

To be a Cop or Police Officer is, well, a job. To use the word ‘good’ as a precursor to an occupation, implies that said person fulfills their job ,’adequately.’
An example of this, a ‘good lawyer’. This is not to say that the lawyer has kind heart, but to say he is good at his job. Just as a good doctor or good janitor.

The term “Good Cop” however, to the layman, has been used to mean something else.
For one to be a “good cop” it will imply that he fulfills his job as the law sees fit.

The job of a cop/police officer is anything but good.
And the use of the term “good cop”, rests solely on perspective.
This however is not to say that there aren’t good people that are in law enforcement.  It’s to say that, being a good person, doesn’t make you good at what you do. Which is what the term implies.



With the interesting, blatant, murders occurring. If these ‘good cops’ exist, we pray that they add some stability to the storm brewing in the US.

  • We remember the deaths of the 5 Officers at the protest last week.
  • We remember the lives of: Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Alva Braziel, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, and the hundreds others.
  • Never forget:
  • Good Cops